Hello, First Look Friends!

It’s the beginning of another year, First Look friends. It’s time to promote kids and to get excited about the year to come!

There’s no better way to start a year than to recalibrate and refocus, so that’s what we’re doing for August. We are spending the entire month introducing the three basic truths to our preschoolers and their parents. We want all three of them to be front and center so everyone (you included) can be reminded what the goal is. Do you remember the goal? We want every child to know God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. And, we want them to embrace it firmly in their little hearts.

We’ll start the month off by reminding preschoolers that God made them. He made each little eyelash and each little freckle, and that makes them so very special. Then they’ll hear how much God loves them and that He has a plan for each and every one of them just as He had a plan for Abraham. In fact, God loves them so much He will always seek them out just as the shepherd looks to find the lost sheep. Finally, they’ll hear the story of Zacchaeus and how Jesus loved Him no matter what. He wanted to be Zacchaeus’ friend forever, and He wants to be our friend forever too. Our preschoolers will finish up the month with a fun day of review of all three basic truths to make sure they’re ready for the year ahead.

Our team will be praying for you to have moments filled with wonder as you give preschoolers a “first look” at the God who loves them, made them, and wants to be their friend forever.

Kathy Hill
Editor in Chief, First Look
The reThink Group


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