We are excited to open our new Kidzu hallway this Sunday at The Vine Church.  Many of our Kidzu rooms will be changing.  Please take note below.  We will continue to work on our space over the next few months with a new family entrance opening in January.  We can’t wait for you to see it!  New space for children means new space for volunteers!  If you are interested in serving in Kidzu please email Liz Walters at liz@connecttothevine.org

Our new rooms will begin chronologically in the new Family entrance that will open in January.
#1-4/5 grade (blue)
#2-2/3 grade (orange)
#3-K/1 grade (red)
around the corner to the right
#4 -4 year old preschool (blue) different than discussed last week
#5-3/4 year olds (orange)
#6-Elementary doublers (blue, old 2/3 grade room)
#7-Special need and Sensory room (green, old K/1 room)
#8-2 year old room (red, old 3/4 year old room)
#9-Preschool age doublers (blue, old infant room)
#10-1 year old room (orange, same as last week)
#11-Infant room (blue, old 2 year old room)


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